Wine Country

We spent yesterday in Santa Rosa and today in Napa. I am rushing through this a bit as I am exhausted and the internet is poor. Hopefully I can add some pics to the past few posts as well. We stayed at the fairgrounds in Santa Rosa which was just a gravel parking lot but it had all the amenities. It was also close enough for us to easily check out a really neat park and the historic Railroad District. It was really quite hot which made aimlessly exploring not so fun. We had a foodie meal at Jack & Tony’s Whiskey Bar. Delicious and luckily we were the only patrons in there for lunch so we weren’t too uncomfortable bringing a 2-year-old into such a swanky eatery. We strolled around a bit more (we actually used the stroller which is really rare for us) before returning to save Shep from the trailer. We then rode our bikes to another close by park and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the shade and watching Zo play.

It was a relatively short drive to Napa the next day on a series of quiet country roads. We had done better research for this night’s location and were happy with the Skyline Wilderness Area. It is a state park which has a small RV park within it. Mostly oak trees and dry hills, but there is also a Native California Plant Garden, archery range, mountain biking and miles and miles of trails. Again, it was far too hot to set out to hike on the sun-baked paths, but we did go to the little garden and enjoyed that for a bit. I was getting discouraged as I realized that we wouldn’t really be able to go wine-tasting in the traditional sense. I should have looked up the few family-friendly vineyards ahead of time, because most of them were 40 minutes away from Napa back in the direction we came from. There was one with a castle (moat included) and one with a sky car that took you over the vineyards…darn!) Oh well, next time. So we went to downtown Napa in search of a casual eatery within the famous Oxbow Market. We found it and settled in on the patio where thankfully there were other dogs and kids! We had delicoius food and drink and Zoe got to play with another Zoe (5?) and her little brother. They picked flowers and scrambled around under tables. She also schmoozed with the server who adored her and literally pinched her cheek and asked if he could borrow her for the day 🙂 We then walked about, enjoyed some fro-yo and found another park to end the day at. This one was bustling and she ran around for a good while. Days always seem longer and harder when you are outside all day in 85+. We were all beyond ready to unwind. Zoe got a bath and some toon time.

We are discussing where to head tomorrow. We are tempted to push through for a longer drive and avoid the bay area all together and aim for Santa Cruz. I would love to spend a few days there or somewhere nearby and cool our jets for a bit before the final drive to SLO. I want to do a whole lot of nothing for a bit. Sorry this is so rushed, but I am eager to shut my eyes for a bit. I would like to take a short hike in the cooler air of the morning before we hitch up and head out.


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