We continued on through the scenic redwood trees and eventually merged back onto the 101. We were eager to get back to the coast and try out some dry-camping so we set our sights on Westport Union Landing State Beach. It is an RV friendly, primitive campsite on the coast. After some slow-going due to construction and narrow bridges we found the 1 in Legget, CA and planned to take it straight to Westport. I don’t know why this was a surprise to us, but it was as windy and perilous as can be! Very reminiscent of the stretch of the 1 we are more familiar with on the Big Sur coast. Eeeek! The trailer handled just fine, but our tummies were not too happy after an hour and we were completely over being in the car! It was a longer day of driving than we had bargained for and we were all so relieved when we got our first glimpse of the ocean again. Not five minutes later we were at our site. All the campground entailed was a few numbered picnic tables and fire-rings and pit-toilets hugging the edge of a rocky cliff. Below the waves roared delightfully and there seemed to be just a sliver of actual beach. There were self-registration envelopes and we set up in site #99…it felt a bit private being at the far end. It definitely offered million-dollar views! The cliff-side set up was definitely nerve-wracking with a toddler around and she took off running more than once. We have been trying to teach her about campsite boundaries and where she is allowed to play, but that is understandably a lot for a 2 year-old to grasp. It will be important to clarify this at each location though, so she has a sense of where her “yard” ends.

After setting up, which was much quicker due to not hooking up to any ammenities, we hazarded the steep path down to the beach. There was a waterfall and a wounded bird that we think was a type of penguin. We left him alone, though it broke my heart. We continued down the beach. Zoe loved sliding down sandy hills and looking at shells and bits of washed up blubber. The beach is endlessly entertaining. Shep was pleased to romp in the waves again as well! It was a really temperate day with just the perfect amount of breeze. We spent a few hours playing before heading back up an easier route to the trailer. We adjusted to what we could and couldn’t use since we weren’t hooked up to anything. The batteries were awesome but now we wish we had an inverter so we could still use some outlets while boondocking. The camp host was a really friendly guy who checked in on us a few times with enthusiastic advice and stories.

William drove a few miles to the town of Wesport in hopes of finding gas and firewood, but it had neither! We were legitimately in the middle of nowhere. Luckily we had plenty in the tank to get us at least to Fort Bragg 25 miles away. Having no cell service or internet access encouraged us to tuck in quite early.The loud waves make a wonderful lullaby. Even Zoe fell asleep early. And it was so pleasantly dark without any nearby lights. Zzzzzzzzz.

The next day we were still feeling unsure about where to head next. With only a week left on the road and several hundred miles to go, we knew we didn’t want to cram too much driving into one day and were feeling a bit burned out on the touristy side of things. We also wanted to steer clear of overly curvy roads and expensive sits, which is pretty much the entirety of hwy1. Therefore, and at the suggestion of the friendly camp host and our neighbor, we made a straight shot for Fort Bragg where we then took hwy 20 back inland. Really lovely drive through a smaller redwood forest. The hwy ended in Willits where we finally got some fuel and found a nearby RV park. We wanted to empty out the tanks after 2 days of full use and no dumping. We found The Golden Rule RV Park, located halfway between Willits and Ukiah. It is nestled in a little valley and is right next to the “Home of Seabiscuit” the famous racehorse. The stud farm is closed for tours this time of the year, but there was a picture of him in the park office. This is a full-service RV park, but again there is no WIFI so I am burning through our date with this post. I just didn’t want to catch up on more than 2 days at once! I will wait to post pictures until we have better access, so check back later. I also didn’t finish uploading to the Redwoods post.

So, we are still taking everything a day at a time and now that we are on the 101 we have a much better idea of how long a drive it will take us to get home. We have 7 days and plan to take some detours along the way. We are going to go down the 128 into Napa county tomorrow morning, hopefully staying in Calistoga. Wine country….nice! I have never been through Napa before. We will have to watch ourselves and wallets! I know there is some seriously fine dining out that way which will tempt us.

It is extremely peaceful here in this park. You can barely hear the hwy which is over a mile away and way up above. We saw turkeys, woodpeckers and squirrels galore. Only a handful of other campers around and nice laundry facilities which were much needed. I took a solo trip back into Willits to get groceries. I miss Trader Joe’s sooo much! I will never again take them for granted with their deliciousness, quality and low priced goods. Sigh. I had to deal with Safeway. Regardless, it was nice to shop all by myself and I am hoping I was able to meal-plan a bit better to make the food last this time. We made mini pizzas tonight, with chef Zoe taking the lead. She would prefer an all olive pizza if she had her way. We ate outside and it was delicious. I also intend to make brownies tonight. The little propane oven is really great now that we finally lit the pilot 🙂 Well that is all for now. I promise to put up some pics of the beach and our last two campsites when I can.

Take care everybody!

If all goes well I will be sipping vino in Napa tomorrow!



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