Heading through Humboldt

We woke up at our riverside camp to rain on the skylights…in fact we woke up several times in the night to that sweet sound (it is loud and will take some getting used to). It was off and on all morning as we began our day. We took our coffee with us on the forested trail loop on one edge of the camp. It was dense and drippy and lovely. Zo picked me a flower.

 I had noticed earlier in the morning that the fifth wheel in the space next to us had the decal DrivingDownADream.com on it, which sounded real familiar…could it be?? Another full-timing family!? I had loitered on many a blog in preparing for our launch and after a quick search we confirmed that this family was one and the same! There were some kid bikes strapped to the trailer as well which was a pretty good give-away. William struck up a conversation with the father, Jeff, as they were both hitching up and soon we got to meet the whole, sweet family: Whitney and their two boys and two girls! Zo was in heaven and hammed it up for the other kids. It was sooo nice to meet another family in a similar situation. We have much we can learn from more seasoned travelers. They recalled how little they knew starting out and what a steep learning curve there really is. We also found out that they will be spending Christmas on the central coast as well! Quite the happy coincidence indeed! We exchanged information and they pulled away on towards their next destination. If you are reading this Whitney, thank you so much for your warm words of encouragement and offering of advice if (more like when) we need it!

This chance meeting put me in an optimistic mood! The rain also always helps life my spirits…weird right? So we took off towards Eureka, not really sure if we would make it the whole way or where we would stay (no cell service whatsoever). Turns out we made great time. We made a reservation for Shoreline RV in Eureka while at a rest stop. We stopped in the small coastal town of Trinidad first and enjoyed brunch on their pier restaurant and walked a real lovely stretch of beach. It was the most dog-friendly beach we have found and Shep enjoyed running free and playing with another pup. We found this great driftwood throne and felt pretty epic sitting upon it! 

 Just another half an hour down the road and we were at our destination. The park was not terribly impressive and we found the manager pretty dang rude in fact. Whatever, they can’t all be winners. Zo was wiped and having little melt-downs left and right but a quick bath to get the sand out of her butt helped her feel better 🙂 We (Zo and I…but, William is still recovering from his bee sting) were both covered in mystery cuts and splinters from some point in today or yesterday’s driftwood climbing, so I bandaged us up. Constant adventure is rough work and it seems we are beginning to show it! She made it clear that no real nap was happening (though she does like to curl up for little rests in our bed and pretend sleep) we took a bike ride with the goal of exploring Old Town Eureka, the wharf and the Lost Coast Brewery. I was a bit dismayed by how un-bikeable of a city Eureka is. No bike lanes at all and too many stoplights to make riding very enjoyable. Once we reached the wharf it was better and we looked at boats, murals and cool old Victorian houses. We did find the brewery and had a quick beer and pretzel. The little one was over being confined to a bike seat and high chair, respectively, so we searched for a nearby bike and found a really bizarre (see: old) one on the way back to camp.

It was barely 5 by the time we got back but we were all ready to settle in. Zo enjoyed some of our leftover spaghetti from last night and I did some much-needed vacuuming in the trailer. Then it was nighttime business as usual. Her favorite quiet activity of the moment is stickers! See! 

 So far, we haven’t found any neighbors that seem eager to socialize. I suspect that state park campgrounds will be more fun in that way…at least that has been my experience in the past. I would love for William to find someone to jam with and people to enjoy a bonfire with…and of course, other kids! I suppose when the weather warms up we will have to hit a few music festivals!

For now, we will continue on at a similar pace of 2ish hours of driving a day until we find a place we would like to stay for a bit longer. Going day by day. All in all it has been a swell day and we are enjoying the loveliness of Humboldt County. We probably won’t choose to stay in a city again for awhile though after today…it’s such a different experience and not our favorite. Good beer and food though!

Thanks for tuning in! If you haven’t noticed, we went back and added pics to the last few posts now that we have decent internet connection.



Bonus pic! 

 Here is Zo helping her daddy put down the screw jacks on the trailer yesterday afternoon when we arrived at Klamath River. Such a good helper!


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