Howdy! William here. Nicole has been spending so much time writing these great & detailed posts I decided to give her a break. We stayed in Florence again today, the first day since we left our sticks-and-bricks that I didn’t tow the trailer at all. Purchasing another night here at Pleasant Pines RV afforded us some opportunities to take in some of the tourist-ier activities of the RV lifestyle. The forecast for today predicted sunshine, and it couldn’t have been more accurate! It was night-and-day compared to the tropical windstorm of the last couple days.
After waking up to our sweet baby poking into our room and cuddling, we (Zoe & I) were treated to a delicious pancake breakfast by momma Nicole. We are still getting used to cooking and cleaning dishes in the very cramped space of the RV kitchen, but we’re picking it up and some awesome meals have already been created on the road.
Since we had the whole day free to explore, that’s exactly what we set out to do next! We checked out the nearby Heceta Beach, where Zo decided to frolic in the brackish water and muddy sand.

   This level of muckiness was not exactly what we had in mind for the outing, so we decided to try the beach later and instead cruised over to the Darlingtonia State Natural Site, a botanical preserve dedicated to a single species of carnivorous plant. The site provides a brief looping trail through a peat bog brimming with the rare Darlingtonia californica, a type of pitcher plant also known as “cobra lily.” Cool!! 

We loved the short, informative traipse in the woods.


 Next we decided to revisit Florence’s historic Old Town, which Nicole and Shep scouted the day before during the storm. The weather was much more mellow and welcoming today, and we enjoyed the local storefronts and general “quaintness” the town had to offer (reminding us both of our own tourist-fueled hometowns). We found a great local restaurant offering delicious Mexican-inspired breakfast food (Traveler’s Cove) right on the Siuslaw River with a great view of the bridge. Nearby were some fun local shops which Zoe loved, and a great coffee shop which I loved most of all!  




 On the way out of the small historic district we stopped in the Pioneer Museum, well worth the $3 admission to see a collection of unique artifacts. I did wish I could play around on the century-old pump organs though! After scrambling around making sure Zoe didn’t break any small parts of history, we headed back to the RV park for some quiet time while I (attempted) to continue some maintenance on the trailer. We considered backtracking to see some of the sites we missed yesterday, but decided on revisiting Heceta Beach while momma got some necessary peaceful putzing-and-showering-time to herself. 

  Daddy & daughter had a swell adventure playing freely in the (cold!) sandy pools. Back at the park, Zoe began her crazy night-time ritual of peeking out at us from her bedroom, army-crawling across the floor pretending to be unseen, and general madness for the next hour or so. Parent life! Luckily for us, the park provides cable hookups and our beloved The Walking Dead premiere is on tonight! Hooray! Tomorrow we plan on taking off once again to the city of Eugene. See you all then!


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