Going Rogue in Newport

Day 3 was rainy and fun-filled. We spent a little bit of time with the bunnies this morning. It began to drizzle (only adding to the magical ambiance of the park). My favorite part of the morning was doing the dishes with HOT water while sipping coffee and listening to classical music as I watched the bunnies play just outside the window. We were a little concerned about our gray tank being completely full, but made reservations for a park in Newport that had full hook-up so we chose to just leave a sinkful of dish water as we sloshed down the highway, haha. It was just fine. You can dump the gray just about anywhere legally, but I didn’t want to add any food gunk to the lovely green bunny pastures and saw no drainage vents around. We pulled out around 9:30 or so. I haven’t mentioned yet, but we got walkie-talkies to communicate while maneuvering the rig. It’s pretty fun and definitely helpful…I stand outside and try and help William back in. Sometimes simple hand signals work better…we are still figuring it out. Anyways, my code name is Hot Mama which is really the important part. He is Papa Bear. And Zoe is obviously Little Toots.

The whole drive to Newport was away from the coast, but instead of ocean views we saw GLORIOUS forests (including Siuslaw National Forest) and more sleepy towns. I love going through the tiny towns. All the chimneys were going on this rainy October day and it just looked so inviting. Lots of farms, but mostly just undeveloped, green spaces. The valley we were driving through has probably looked the same for hundreds of years. It rained the whole way, but it was a very gentle rain that just added to the beauty. Going up one steep grade had us grimacing a little bit and we definitely took the drive slow. We were pretty surprised to see huge class A motorhomes passing us as they sped through the rain. You know these monsters of the road, I’m sure…40 footers. They look like band touring buses but they usually just occupied by two retired folks and a shiatsu. Anyways, we were cautious, but William is getting very excellent at driving even on narrow and windy roads.

Newport was a bustling city compared to everywhere else we have seen so far. We went straight to the Newport Marina RV Park which is just a large parking lot right on the harbor. We have full hook-up and a nice view of the very picturesque bridge. It is an extremely gray day, so we can’t see much of the harbor really. William made a run to Walmart (I know…but they are very rv friendly and have lots of the supplies we need for cheap) and picked up a few things and to get gas while I tried to get Zo to nap. She didn’t, but she had some nice quiet time that seemed to give her the energy needed for the rest of the day. Then it was aquarium time! The two things we really wanted to see in Newport were right at the marina so that was really nice and convenient. The wind really picked up though, making walking in the rain not the best option. The rain was starting to sting a bit. So we left poor Shep in the trailer and went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Their special exhibit was Shipwrecks. Cool! Zo’s favorite part was the touching pool and the bright orange Garibaldi in one of the tanks that she called “baby”. Lots of really loud “Wooow!!!”s got smiles from everyone Her enthusiasm is definitely infectious. There were quite a few outdoor exhibits which was unlike other aquariums I have been to…so, we got really wet! It was a lovely time and all the critters seemed very happy in their environments (still not quite as awesome as Monterey Bay, but hey) 

 Pretty much right across the street was Rogue Brewing: a massive building that includes the working brewery, distillery, restaurant, museum, gift shops and more stuff. Rogue makes some of the most unique beer there is. It is also one of William’s very favorites so it was a no-brainer. We got a window seat in the restaurant where we could see the boats and bridge.  I loved my Morimoto Soba Ale and William enjoyed the Brutal IPA  ALL their food incorporates their beers in some way…such as the Kimchi Siracha Ale Crab Sliders…delish. Sidenote: In choosing this lifestyle I told myself and my family that we would continue to make mostly homemade meals and keep eating out for really special occasions (such as Gumbo in New Orleans), but we are still in the early stages and in vacation mode and doing dishes has been tricky until today. I still intend to prepare most of our meals….just wanted to share that. Indulging is great and we are definitely self-described foodies, but it is unnecessary and too expensive to eat out every day. End rant. We bought a few beers to take home with us as well. Highly recommended Brewery! 

Happy tummies and tired bodies, we left and took a short, really cold and wet, walk on the pier. We were right below the lovely bridge. Zoe liked looking at the boats and avoiding the cracks in the pier. 


  We returned to the trailer and our loyal pup. Cozy time. I covered that pesky skylight and made makeshift curtain out of a fleece blanket for our windows. It keeps it darker and warmer. Then when her bedtime came, we began the frustrating, nightly challenge of getting her to stay in her bunk! She pops out quite literally every thirty seconds after we put her down. She is deliriously sleepy, but just can’t help herself. She has made a game out of peeking from behind the curtain, whispering “goodnight”, blowing kisses and scampering back before we can re-place her. It is stinkin’ adorable, but by this time mommy and daddy need some quiet time to unwind and do our own thing for a little bit. She kept it up for over an hour tonight. Same thing last night. It is all still so new and probably overwhelming to her…we will continue to repeatedly, quietly put her back without any rewards of kisses or extra attention each time, but are also considering getting a bed rail for the top bunk. We’ll probably wait until we reach CA to decide, but boy is it exhausting for everyone. It’s all quiet now. Rain on the roof and wind whistling through the windows. There is also the constant hum of our huge dehumidifier that we set up. It collected 50 pints of water out of the air in 2 days. That’s insane to me! All of that moisture would be permeating the walls and our clothes and furniture. Definitely a good investment. We just empty it down the toilet when it fills up. Alrighty, that’s it for tonight. I will come back and post pics tomorrow sometime. The internet connection is pretty spotty. William politely declined to author the post, but he did come up with the title 😉

Take care everyone!



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