Rockaway Beach…I mean, Cayucos?

We took off from our Portland home today around 11:30. After doing some crazy circles and re-routing (thanks to Google Maps) in some of the most frighteningly narrow neighborhoods imaginable (major props to William!), we hit the road West on the 26. It was a beautiful drive!    

  Towering trees on either side which would occasionally give way to stretches of logged clearings, funky diners and beautiful streams. The trailer towed like a champ and we made pretty good time until we hit the curvy, but equally beautiful (more lush and mossy) hwy 53. 

[she is petting the moss]

Zoe watched Little Bear on the Kindle most of the way which kept her chipper and she amazingly didn’t get carsick! I’m calling that a huge success. As soon as we neared the ocean at Nehalem Bay I was ecstatic to be back at the coast. It felt like home!

A few miles down the 101 and we reached Rockaway Beach and our first overnight site. After cruising down a stretch of adorable, effortlessly quaint fishing shacks and gift shops, we pulled off at Rockaway Beach RV Resort. It was a lovely sight, but not what most would consider a “resort”. It seems that half of the spaces are run-down rvs and mobile homes with long-term residents and the owner is a kind, pipe-smoking gentleman. We talked to a few of these residents because it was extremely difficult to navigate the narrow park and we would have crushed a sign without their help. The kindly owner actually ended up backing us into our spot for us! Backing up a 30 ft rig plus the truck into a small, crooked area is NOT easy and I applaud William for keeping such a cool head and being a truly excellent captain.

  [our fearless captain]


[site #1]

 We will be pros by the time we get back to CA! We got set up in the spot, filled the tanks (more about that later…) and hopped on our bikes to explore. It has been foggy and drizzling most of the day, but when we set foot on the beach (for the first time in many months!!!) it was dry, crisp and the cloud were EPIC! Zo and Shep took off running…it was great.   

[running amok]
[lovely rock formations]

[A content pup]

 [ Daddy & daughter enjoying the waves] 
Everyone was pretty tired and hungry after the long day on the road, so we didn’t walk for too long. We checked out the store fronts, found a pirate-themed play structure and THEN found “the best clam chowder on the coast” at Old Oregon Smokehouse. We sat on their patio and talked to the nice, tie-dye clad guy (son of the owner I believe). It reminded us SO much of Ruddel’s Smokehouse!!! This whole town feels just like Oregon’s version of Cayucos and I LOVE it. The same beach-front hotel scene, fish and chipperies, small shops, bike-friendliness, nice locals and beeeeutiful sandy beaches. It is just a lot colder and missing a pier. Also, instead of brown hills with a scattering of cows, the other side of the town is deeply forested. The RV park owner said a juvenile bear was wandering around yesterday! Whoa man. Best of both worlds if you ask me! I think I needed to see the coast to really fall in love with Oregon. Unfortunately that didn’t happen until we were headed back….sigh. Anyways, a great first stop!

Our plans have changed yet again as we soon discovered that the water pump does not seem to be working. I attempted to give Zo a bath after her sandy beach excursion, and while the water heater worked (yay!), the water stopped flowing after about a minute despite the freshwater tank being completely full. No troubleshooting seemed to help so we will make our way to Tillamook (cheese-tasting anyone?) where there is an RV shop. Some things we just couldn’t test out at home since we had no hook-ups, but this rig will be in ship shape soon! Also, in investigating the tank, William discovered that some wasps have make their home by the water heater. Apparently wasps LOVE propane. Really, this is a thing. They are sluggish and pose no immediate threat but we will have to deal with them eventually. Oy, the joys of buying an RV that has been sitting unused for several years….This rig will be in tip top shape soon though. We just need to live in it awhile to know which kinks need to be worked out. Right now, we are cozin’ in our trailer, twinkle lights on, and enjoying our first night as nomads. Zoe was too excited to sleep at her normal time, instead popping out from behind the curtain to her room and “sneaking” up on us, blowing a zillion kisses, and just generally procrastinating. But the lengthy day finally caught up with her (about 10 minutes ago!) and she is zonked out on her bed. I just know she will thrive in this lifestyle. She is such an adventurer! However, we really need to instill in her that the various switches and knobs in the trailer are NOT for fiddling with though…seriously, why are they all at toddler level??? We are finding out more and more that RVs are really manufactured for retirees and not with the needs of families in mind.

Depending on wifi availability, I will hopefully update tomorrow sometime. Send good, inexpensive vibes towards our water pump please! Also, I need name suggestions for the truck and trailer. I have never had a hard time naming inanimate objects before…but I am drawing a blank. I feel like they should go together (Ex. Bonnie & Clyde) but I just don’t know…William is throwing around names from Norse mythology that I can neither remember or pronounce…oh, Sleipnir (Odin’s 8-legged horse) and Odin…but it just isn’t sticking, haha! Taking suggestions. The truck definitely has a male energy while the trailer is more feminine.

Thanks for those who are following! Goodnight.



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