Last day in our sticks & bricks

This is it…we leave TOMORROW! Our landlord is doing a walk-through of the rental today and we have everything but the essentials consolidated into the front room and ready to carry out to the trailer. William just left to go pick it back up…it (we have yet to come up with an affectionate nickname for our new home…I’m sure it will happen in due time) has spent the weekend at Curtis Trailers getting looked over. It got a new towing ball, a lug nut and propane system inspection and the stairs were fixed. The plan is to move everything in tonight but our sleeping areas and breakfast fixin’s and spend the night in the house. The tanks are empty in the trailer so we would have to run back inside to use the bathroom or wash anything if we slept in there…no thanks says this midnight peer. Anyways, we will finish up the moving-in tomorrow morning and hopefully hit the road by mid-morning. I am hope hope hoping that Zo will adjust to napping in the car from time to time, as it would be wonderful to drive during her naptime…however, we all know how particular of a sleeper she has always been. Maybe the louder engine of the truck will help lull her off. We’ll see!

We have a 2 night reservation at the Paradise Cove RV Resort (sounds fancy, no?) in Rockaway Beach. That is probably the only place we will stay for more than one day until we get to CA. Unfortunately we are on a bit of a time-crunch since the temporary registration on RVs apparently only lasts 10 days rather than the 30 for cars. Therefore, we need to be back in CA and at a AAA by the 15th. Very doable. The first day on the coast will probably largely consist of cleaning out and filling our tanks at the RV park and setting up. That is why it’s nice that we will have a whole second day to explore. I cannot WAIT to see the ocean again. It has been far too long. Growing up at the sea, it has been really hard not seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting it in so many months. I definitely took it for granted and didn’t realize how integral the crashing waves are to my peace of mind. Zoe and Shepherd will also be thrilled to play on the beach again!

We have a couple of other reservations within Oregon, but other than that we will just feel out how much driving we want to do each day and try to pick up some Boondocking experience at a marina in Newport and a casino parking lot in Florence. ‘Boondocking’ is dry camping, or not having any hook-ups and amenities. It is often free and is legal on certain public lands and within state forests. Other places that allow boondocking are Walmart and casino parking lots, truck stops and some rest areas…convenient for the weary traveler, but by no means as scenic as sleeping in the middle of a forest with no other cars or people within sight. Sigh. There is proper boondocking etiquette to follow, such as setting up a certain distance from the roads and bodies of water, leaving it cleaner than you found it, and avoiding loud generators and being completely “self-contained” (meaning all water and waste is stored within the camper and not dumped). I am hoping that as we get to know the camper better and see how long we can ration the water and battery life, we will be comfortable boondocking for longer periods. We might do just that at the Carrizo Plains on the way back home 🙂 If we like it and can see ourselves doing a lot of boondocking in the future, we will invest in solar panels and a composting toilet to make ourselves more self-sustaining! I will write more about our long-term plans in future posts….for now, we need to focus on our maiden voyage, which sets sail tomorrow! I need to get back to cleaning up the house and William should be pulling up with our home on wheels any moment. I leave you with a quote that I feel sums up our attitude as we make this huge transition:

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is built with love and dreams” -Unknown



Turns out we need a replacement valve for the gas valve on the water heater…there was a small leak. Scary! Grateful they found it but the part needs to be ordered. So we are leaving the day after tomorrow instead. Ugh. Slightly frustrating but it is what it is. Adjusted our reservations accordingly. So grateful to those supporting us and following our journey!


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